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These pages contain the history of my family as discovered so far from it's origins in Cranleigh, Surrey.

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Seated in the centre of this photograph is Frederick Strudwick, my Grt.grandfather(1824-1902)  He appears to be wearing what the "Harvest King" would have worn at the end of harvest celebrations.

At first I thought he was wearing the regalia of a Morris Dancer, as a reference is made in the book  "More Tales of Old Surrey" * of "Master Strudwick" a morris dancer from Puttenham. 

In fact, Fredericks father, James Strudwick, was a "Morris Dancer". For this story click: JasStrudPage

Kneeling on right is his son Mark, my Great uncle, with a "Harvest Jug" This was for the "ale" they were given at the end of harvest.



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*More Tales Of Old Surrey by Matthew Alexander: OldSurrey1